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Sabannion [earl]: Servant to Prince Eugene, and Mínosh's ambassador at the Norandon court.

Sabine: Prostitute employed at The Spinning Top in Kelrin as the part of the Trial of Temptation for monks of the Order of the Seventh Moon. She, Yvette and Maeve broke Sanjay like a dry twig on 15 Heathaze 204, but was unable to coerce Raza to succomb to their charms.

Sachen: Man sent by Lucien to find the location of the bandit-lord O'Keef on 15th Suntask 204. He was found dead, floating in the Uri, on the 21st of the same month. His death was declared accidental by the Watch.

Sadoc: One of the members of the dwarven warband that arrived in Uris on 42nd Suntask 204 searching for murdered of King Evabold of Kulhazan. Returned to Kulhâzan with Grimm and the captive Thorangrim, arriving on 27th Midsummer 204.

Sal'Cran: City of the exiled Korvis located in far western Norandor. Consistsing mostly of tents, this city has been temporary for the last twenty seasons as Korvis has made plans to raise an army. Sal'Cran has come, in recent seasons, to mean all the land under Korvis's dominion.

Salinger of Cullbarren: Priest of Mortis and member of the Watchers on the Cusp of Oblivion. A common figure at the court of Prince Eugene.

Salk, Zanlavin: Head of the Arcanum Incognita in the Village of the Eighteen Churches.
Sally-Ann: Prostitute working the streets of Sorgar.

Salmaynak: Human country in Urova divided into six principalities. The Sallmayan princes are currently at peace, as they are directing all their energies into a war against Genbasson.

Salmo: A truly ancient hobbit, and cleric of the Church of Life. Based in the Village of the Eighteen Churches for many years, Salmo does not allow his advancing years to affect his apetite, although he naps more often than he used to. Salmo is a caring fellow, who administered to the prostitute Jina Kaldor during her last days. He was not surprised that Candice Bandalain refused to save the girl.

Salumeneh, Rebecca: A ranger encountered by the Companions of Bear's Reach on 40 Chillbone 204 who saved them from the murderwraiths that were hunting them. Rebecca has a great hatred for extraplanar creatures and a desire to thwart men who would seek to meddle in such things. She has apparently lost loved ones to such machinations in the past. Rebecca accompanied the party to Bear's Reach where she caused quite a stir. She then returned to the Whittenwood to try and close the portal in the Evil Tree. She was encountered again in the sunken temple just over a week later, again trying to help the party. Her true motives remains something of a mystery.

Salvatore [archdruid]: Archdruid of Kerikite circle, first encountered by the Chosen of Narramac on 30 Midsummer 204. A charismatic and well-respected man, this did not prevent him from being killed four days later in a massive conflict against Tular's orc forces on the Plains of Acheron.

Samuel: Landlord of the only tavern in Oakholme. Husband to Delilah, father of Rek.

Sandys: A man hired to help at Jhasik's Jewellers in Uris due to the great demand for the work of the dwarf, Thorangrim. When Jhasik went bankrupt Sandys was left unpaid, and he did not have Grott's talent for chasing up the money.

Sarah: A member of the Chosen of Narramac's domestic staff. She is particularly responsible for the well-being of Ravenna.

Sarakite: The witchwyrd, known as the Lord High Emissary of the Dark One in the North. The identity of the dark one she serves is a mystery, although the sorcerer Jass speculated it might be the ancient demon Karatath. Sarakite imprisoned and attempted to dominate the dragon, Furnice.

Scaldarnus: Church of fire located in the gutterhive of Uris. The first flame is Julian Maynard. It was here that Nicos Alluminère was trained as a cleric of fire. The church was destroyed by the Watchers on the Cusp of Oblivion on 11th Suntask 204. The only survivors were the first flame and two acolytes named Minton and Crisp.

Scarina: Sister of Lafdan, twice as ugly and half as smart. Scarina and her brother joined Narramac's quest of Brightday 204. They were teamed with Ariadne, Carrac, Rashadar and Troklin.

Scarman Rise: A large unforested hill almost two miles across that rises from the Whittenwood, three miles from Bear's Reach. A ring of standing stones called the Players can be found atop the hill.

Scarstone Beach: A four mile stretch of shingle directly to the south of Bear's Reach. Fishing boats are pulled up to the head of the beach when not in use. A spit, called the scarstone spit, is visible from the beach at low tide and is a rich source of mussels and other similar creatures.

Schunk, Toman: Member of the Arcanum Incognita and High Invigilant of Enigmus in Uris. Schunk dedicated his life to discovering the secrets of the druidic tradition. His current wearabouts are unknown.

Scintila: Priestess of the Church of the Arcanum Incognita. Joined Narramac's Quest of Brightday 204 and was teamed with Alessandre, Alexi, Nosuch, Jakil and Mortimer. Described by Alessandre as "a bitch." Following Narramac's quest, Scintila, returned to her position of Invigilant at the House of Revelation. She identified the Heart of Llysallian for Fenton Pryde.

Scourge: River that begins life in the Cullbarren Peaks and flows south across Norandor via Narrisham before falling off the edge of the country.

Scriveners of Doom: A faith of the god Mortis, the scriveners are the record keeprs and the archivists of Urova. They worship the aspects of history, knowledge and the past within Mortis. Their high temple is Eurikas in Uris, which is also the greatest library in the land.

Scurn: Chieftan of the Stormbringers - the largest of the Üganthé tribes. Scurn is a mountain of a man, standing almost seven feet tall. His beard is plaited into six pigtails - a motif he also employs on his hair. Scurn dresses in the skins of vicious predators and copious amounts of warpaint. Scurn brought 200 men to the war against Tular in Midsummer 204. He was named de facto commander of all the Üganthé forces because of his skill and personal might.

Sebastian: Alias given to Arvan Walker-in-Shadows by Elias Raithborne on 26th Brightday 204.

Sebenteen Order: An order of monks who keep a monastery five days south of Oakholme in Norandor.

Second Ship: Pub in Gallworth run by the dour Teryp and frequented by Alessandre.

Selendus, Jenwell: The Calclafique representative on the Council of Adventure.

Selene: A young lady who bore the same peculiar markings on her chest as Raza de Luna. According to the Scriveners of Doom, Selene was ritually murdered fifty seasons ago by the Brotherhood of the Black Rose. From drawings of her, it can be deduced that she was originally from Junos.

Seletine I [king]: King of Norandor from 50 to 52 LE.

Seletine II [king]: King of Norandor from 131 to 137 LE.

Seletine III [king]: King of Norandor from 180 to 182 LE.

Seletine Park: A large well-kept park in Uris located at the foot of the Hill of Heroes. The park was devised by King Seletine II and was completed in 137 LE, two months after his death.

Selgin: Herald in the service of Alberdark, brought to Mount Korvast in Brightday 204 as part of the chancellor's retinue. Accompanied Ravenna to both Oakholme and Northmeet in search of Honour. On 2nd Lollmeadow 204 Selgin was sent by Alberdarke to accompany the dwarven warband led by Warmaster Grimm to Timberlake. Selgin evidently has some feelings for the sorceress, Ravenna, although she appears blissfully unaware of this fact.

Selsis: Friend of Alessandre the bard. Encounted by Elias in Gallworth.

Selvin [necros]: Member of the Watchers on the Cusp of Oblivion, based at the faith's temple in Northmeet. Set up a meeting between Salamar Russ and Archnecrotain Varamil on 36th Scatterseed 204. Became acting Archnecrotain of the church on 5th Suntask 204, he was later confirmed in this post by Tarex.

Sensationalists: A dubious group of thrill-seekers, debauchers and pleasure hounds who see the teachings of Vítaeous as instructing them to experience everything. They'll try anything once.

Seristé: Druidic initiate of the Kerikite Circle who fought the forces of evil in the Plains of Acheron during Midsummer 204.

Serpent's Eye: Tavern in Timberlake.

Shadow Circle: A secretive and violent organisation that exists in parallel with the druidic order. The shadow circle is a much more militant and brutal group who take druid's beliefs to the nth degree. As many as one in five druids are also members of the shadow cirlce.

Shadow of Mortis: A group of warriors allied to the Watchers on the Cusp of Oblivion, who hunt down and destroy the undead.

Shadowclave: A secret meeting of the shadow circle, held on the last day of each month. It's normally quite a violent and nasty affair.

Shadowdancers: Individuals born with the ability to step into the plain of Shadow and teleport short distances. They make wonderful assassins and thieves, and are generally feared by the Urovan populace - labelled as beings of evil. Many Shadowdancers easily live up to this hype. A group of them were hired by Thaddeus Carvin to destroy the Watchers attending the Blessing of 1st Suntask 204. Because of open hatred to their kind, Shadowdancers tend to stick together making them very dangerous if encountered.

Shadowed Ones: The Shadowmaster's personal guard and hit-men. They fulfill roughly the same role as druids do in the Order.

Shadowmaster: The leader of the Shadow Circle.

Shai'ir, Alicia: Rio Shai'ir's identical twin sister.

Shai'ir, Rio: Once she was an initiate of the Church of Fire at Scaldarnus, she was the lover of Nicos Alluminère and her life was before her. Then on 7 Crispeven 202 she was abducted by agents of the Bombastic Church at the instigation of her old lover (and Nicos's archenemy) Boudewijn Berdgardt. Over several months she was brainwashed by the Bombastics into agreeing with their destructive agenda, and became their agent called Wren. Boudewijn and Wren became lovers again, but eventually their terrorism took them separate ways. On 1 Lollmeadow 204 'Wren' encountered Nicos for the first time in seven seasons. Nicos had never stopped looking for Rio and recognised her immediately. Wren did not remember him, although there was some nagging familiarity she could not quite place. Nicos gave Wren a journal that Maynard had made of Nicos's life in the hope that by reading it something of the old Rio would be triggered. Although, the journal confused her deeply, it did not counteract the Bombastic conditioning. Wren escaped Castle Caled (the only Bombastic to do so) but she returned to Uris when she learned that her colleague, Finch, was a prisoner of the Church of Fire. Wren was captured by the church and sentenced to Death by Water on 30 Heathaze 204. Boudewijn discovered this and, at the loss of much pride, communicated Wren's peril to Nicos. Nicos got the King himself to intercede and grant her freedom, and the Lord wizard Narramac used magic to banish the Wren persona on 24 Heathaze. However, Rio is having doubts that she is the same person she used to be. She remembers her past crimes and feels terrible guilt for them. As Boudewijn said, Narramac did not recreate Rio as Rio was never destroyed; he created a Rio that never existed. "You're the one who created a monster!" Boudewijn delcared to Nicos, "and one day it'll bite you!" But Boudewijn loved Wren and considered saving Rio to be killing Wren, so perhaps his opinion shouldn't be taken too seriously. In any event, the new Rio doubted everything about herself, including her returning feelings for Nicos. She became close friends with Lady Drasha and, when Nicos left on the quest for the Seventh Sword, Rio remained in Umbria. She has since left to find the whereabouts of the missing Julian Maynard in an attempt to redeem her character. She believes that she has to live her life from now on doing good, in an attempt to atone for all the evil she committed as Wren.

Shaitan: Village in Kerikal visited by Narramac and his Chosen on 42nd Midsummer 204. Shaitan sits on easternmost boundary of Kerikal and survives through fishing and trade. It is almost perilously close to the off-shore volcano of Inas.

Shalambor: Place were the magical swords held by the Chosen of Narramac were reputed to have been kept.

Shallock: Member of the Arcanum Incognita assigned to guard the portal at Galys. On 6 Lollmeadow 204, Shallock allowed his friend Gunlarr to use the portal to escape the Hounds of Mortis that were pursuing him and Manacus.

Sharrash: Moon god of water, oceans and rivers, sailors, ships, travel, trade, capriciousnes and winter. Three churches follow Sharrash: The Church of Water takes the element itself to be holy; Odyssian Church is the church of travellers; and the Agisotic faith dedicated to trade and commerce.

Shearcrag Peak: Largest of a range of hills at the easterly edge of the Plains of Acheron. The peak is home to the Ebony Tower.

Sheriff: An elected offical of a hobbit town. Sheriffs sit on a council chaired by the high-sheriff. This normally turns into a party.

Shifting Sands: Dangerous desert area in central Junos. It is believed by some that the shifting sands are a living being that consumes the imprudent traveller.

Shredder: A huge and vicious orc-hound purchased by Brack Ogrebane from Captain Jorno on 47th Midsummer 204, much to the horror of Nicos. Brack is slowly training the dog not to bury his friends.

Sieswich: A town in Kemelicus.

Silivor [marquess]: Ruler of the island of Hanilly. He keeps two homes in Uris.

Sinkhole of Evil: The southern pole of Iourn, where the most profane and evil energies of the Great Dark collect. It is here that Karatath's prison, The Aegis, is found.

Skalas: Duchy of Norandor ruled from Vrex Cross by Duke Vrexax.

Skald [druid]: Druid of the Norandon Circle.

Skaz: Alias given to Ravenna Tannesh by Nicos, when she disguised herself as a man for the meeting with Scintila on 45th Suntask 204.

Skellig [captain]: One of the captains that serve Duke Colharn at Castle Northmeet. It was on Skellig's watch that Elias, Arvan, Nicos, Raza and Ravenna escaped Castle Northmeet on 13th Brightday, and he has never forgiven them. Skellig joined Archnecrotain Varamil on the Barrowmoors during Brightday and Suntask 204, in an attempt to track down and despatch the dragon, Furnice.

Skreet: Rat companion of Arvan Walker-in-Shadows. Its name means "dirty" in rat. He was released on the edge of the Plains of Acheron on 32nd Midsummer 204.

Slumscum: Popular moniker applied to the denizens of the Circle Slums.

Smith, Alice: Born into the Smith family in Autumn 200, Alice is a pretty young lass who seems quite smitten with Joachim Chiesa. The two have been seeing each other for the best part of a season, and she seems quite impatient that Joachim should pull his finger out and propose. In the meantime her main concern is that her work in the forge will build unsightly muscles on her otherwise curvavious and decidedly feminine form.

Smith, Gina (née Walker): Born into the Walker family in Winter 194, Mylee married Ras Smith in Winter 199. She gave him two children, Alice and Utor, before she was carried away by an unseasonal fever in the Summer of 200.
Smith, Mylee (née Weaver): Born in the Walker family in Winter 189, Mylee married Worzel Smith in Spring 194. She produced four children: Ras, Clara, Caitlyn and Esther. Mylee died of shock in Winter 201, shortly after being told her husband was dead.

Smith, Ras: Blacksmith resident in Bear's Reach and patriach of the Smith family. Ras is the eldest child of Worzel and Mylee Smith, born in Autumn 194. He married Gina Walker in Winter 199. He was widowed Summer 200 and has decided not to remarry. Ras keeps himself busy working the forge, a task for which he has a dwarf-like tenacity. He has two children: the troubled Utor and the pretty Alice. Despite having sufficient strength to wrestle a bear, Ras is almost impossible to anger. An infuriatingly rational and placid man, Ras is never one to jump to any conclusion. This serves him well on the village council. Ras was selected to officiate at the Festival of Winter Warding in 204 LE, and was extremely nervous about his role.

Smith, Utor: Apprentice blacksmith and childhood friend of Krais Brewer, bor in Spring 200. A shy and inarticulate child, Utor was in love with Kaleena Dyer and asked Krais to help him win the girl. Krais agreed despite his own feelings for Kaleena. The whole thing went horribly wrong, when Kaleena rejected Utor, Utor blames Krais and Krais wounded Utor in a subsequent sword fight. The truth of the matter is now out Krais has been exonorated of any wrong-doing although Utor plots his revenge. In preparation for the Festival of Winter Warding, Utor went hunting for a bear and killed a mother much to Illyan's disgust. Utor took Lanna Chiesa to the festival, but he was attacked by an extraplanar assailant who was after Úsaan Altorro. He is currently recovering.

Smith, Worzel: Once patriach of the Smith family, Worzel was born in Autumn 188. He married Mylee Weaver in Spring 194 and together they produced four children: Ras, Clara, Caitlyn and Esther. Worzel dropped down dead at a council meeting for no apparent reason in Winter 201.

Snolk [squire]: Squire of Ferring in the barony of Umbria.

Snorri: Small boy from Timberlake who was most impressed with meeting the Chosen of Narramac (especially Ravenna). Has a sister called Gertrude and a father called Merton.

Snowmantle, Illyan: The offspring of Lyssa Forester and an unknown father, Illyan was born on 24 Greenleaf 200 with the stigma of being a changeling (a half-elf). Illyan was trained as a healer by an aged practitioner of this dying art. More information on Illyan can be found in his entry in the Player Character Spotlight.

ISnowy: Ravenna's wolf-cub and familiar. Steadfastly loyal and with a taste for paladin-blood. Snowy was given to Ravenna by her mentor, Derriac.

Sorgann: High priest of the Church of Air and based in Uris. Present at the Ceremony of the Sword on 25 Heathaze 204.

Sorgar [lord]: Another name for Count Iltilmus Devries.

Sorgar Road: Road in Norandor that runs from Lartan Cross to Sorgar.

Sorgar: City located on the south-eastern coast of Norandor. Sorgar is the principle town of the duchy of Kemelicus, and is built out into the sea, creating a network of canals, bridges and islands.
Sorn: One of the militia men from Oakholme. Arrested the party (2) on 6th Brightday 204.
Sorostrae: Human country in Urova said to be sodden with raw magical energy. Many powerful wizards and sorcerers fight over the land.

South Timberlake Road: Road in Norandor that runs from Timberlake to Wallon.

South Uris Road: Road in Norandor that runs from Uris to Marden via Couton and Lartan Cross.

Spinning Top: High-class boarding house and tavern located in the Noradon town of Kelrin. It is at The Spinning Top that monks of the Order of the Seventh Moon undertake their trial of temptation. The question of how the landlady, Mistress Weaver, has such accomodating girls on tap has led to some very searching questions being asked of her regular business.

St Mathers: Justician temple in Sorgar.

Stirges: Repellant half-orc who wanders the streets of Sorgar.

Stone: Fenton Pryde's right-hand man. Stone is so called because of his strange stone-like skin, granite jaw and eyes as black as coal.

Stonebark: A primarily gnomish country bordering on the Land of the League of Tooth and Claw. Stonebark is a collection of autonomous countries, enclaves and individuals who band together for mutual protection. Although mainly gnome, many of the fey are also known to dwell in this northern land.

Stormbringers: The largest of the Üganthé barbarian tribes in Kerikal, the Stormbringers are the oldest and most ordered of the wildmen. They are ruled by Scurn, a chieftain of great wisdom and personal power.

Stormwarden, Kathryn: High priestess of the Church of Water, based in the city of Uris. She was present at the Ceremony of the Sword on 25 Heathaze 204.

Straits of Contemplation: The southern border between Norandor and the lands of Genbasson and Salmaynak is sometimes only a hundred feet across. Navigation here is impossible. Many keeps dot this border to watch out for invasion.

Straits of Gunstadtan: The great chasm separating Norandor from The Gunstadtan hills is 60 miles across at its widest point, although navigation is treacherous.

Stumbleduck, Boddynock Surglefoot Tam Tappanier [king]: Ruler of the Pits of Walhoon. An ancient gnome with a long beard and a wicked sense of humour.

Suffragans: Advisers to high-placed officials in a church.

Sulcare, Elisabeth [countess]: Eldest daughter of the ex-Count and Countess Caled. Married to Count Yulgin Sulcare of Polginshire. She has several children.

Sulcare, Yulgin [count]: Ruler of Polginshire. Yulgin Sulcare is a peculiarly small man with a long, pencil thin moustache that dangles below his chin. He has opinions on all matters, particularly those of which he knows nothing about.

Swathagar, Hirin: Head of the Scriveners of Doom in Village of the Eighteen Churches.

Swift, Tannith (Baron): Baron of the Norandor court, and one of the long line of nobles to come from the barony of Colmire. Tannith Swift and his retinue arrived in Bear's Reach on 30 Chillbone 204 at the behest of King Galahyde to conduct a census and levy 149 seasons of back tax on the populace. If this was not enough to raise the town's ire, Swift's dislike of the populace and generally invidious nature was all too obvious. After taxing the heart out of the town he was murdered on 32 Chillbone by a most complicated poison. Tarn Brewer was arrested for the deed, but was found to be innocent after the true murderer (Vitor Grushko) confessed to the deed shortly before Tarn's execution. It is now believed that Swift may not have been a baron and had ulterior motives for coming to the village. This has yet to be proven.

Swiftwind: A tribe of Üganthé barbarians from Kerikal. The Swiftwinds are renowned for travelling vast distances in a single day. They are the most nomadic of the known tribes. They were ruled by the chieftain, Yurtus up until his death on 34th Midsummer 204.

Sylvani: The church of Terranor that worships nature in all its forms. Although the sylvanism has much in common with the old druidic tradition of Urova it is sufficiently different for most druids to look upon clerics of this faith very suspiciously indeed.

Synod of Flame: Name given to a meeting between two or more Firewalkers. Synods of Flame take place only rarely, and tend to signify impending disaster.

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