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Game Rule Information

Mongrelfolk made their debut for the third edition rules in the pages of the new Fiend Folio. They are included here because they have a moderate part to pay in the fortunes of Urova in my Iourn campaign. The following changes and clarifications have been made to the powers and abilities of mongrelfolk. Any rules that do not directly contradict the following still apply.

Racial Traits

Appearance: Mongrelfolk are, as the name suggests, a crossbreed of a hundred different humanoid races. They can look like absolutely anything. They may be humans with with animal-faces, they may look like Thundercats with lobster claws for hands, they may be dwarf-sized molluscs with reptillian tails - the choices are endless. In the Iourn campaign setting mongrelfolk of the Urovan continent are referred to as the Genbassi.

Attribute Modifiers: Most mongrelfolk gain +4 to their Constitution, but suffer a -2 penalty to Intelligence and a -4 penalty to Charisma.

Size: Mongrelfolk are almost always Medium creatures. At the GM's discretion they may be Small or Large creatures. Check with the GM if you want to play a mongrel of unusual size. Mongrelfolk who are of abnormal size must apply all the modifiers listed on p291 of the Monster Manual.

Speed: Most mongrelmen base land speed is 30 feet. Depending on the nature of their deformities or the form they have taken this might vary from charactert to character.

Skill Modifiers: Mongrelfolk receive a +8 racial bonus to Sleight of Hand and Hide checks.

Sound Imitation (Ex): Mongrelmen have an extremely well developed voice that can be used mimic a vast array of sounds such as chirps, roars, clicks and the like. Listeners must succeed in a Will save at DC 16 to detect the ruse.

Emulate Race (Ex): For the purpose of activating a magical item designed for a certain race. Functions like the Use Magic Device skill. See Fiend Folio p125 for details.

Social Pariah: Unless they are in the company of other mongrelmen, members of this race are not well like or accepted by other races. All charisma-based skills such as Diplomacy and Bluff are automatically at a -5 penalty, unless of course the subject does not know they are talking to a mongrelman.

Customising your Mongrelman

The above information details a generic mongrelman. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a generic mongrelman. They are all different, they all have completely dissimilar powers and abilities. As a result the player has a great deal of lee-way in creating this character. If you want a Large mongrelman, or one with higher stat modifiers, natural armour, darkvision or skin that changes colour when it's squirted with warm water then you can. However, you should bear in mind that the above package is cost neutral. If you start throwing more powerful abilities at the character then it will incure an experience point cost as detailed in the section on Playing Powerful Races.

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